What are the amenities around Piermont Grand

Human wellness and health are important issues in the society today. As highlighted by the United Nations Charter, to get access to basic health care is primarily universal human right and that all people should be able to access and benefit. Guided by strict principles, Farrer Park hospital is focus to extend superior high quality health care and support to almost all in Singapore and internationally. Farrer Park Hospital is one of the private Hospital in Singapore that extends a range of clinical services to needy patients from outside border as well as within the country. Visit Farrer Park Hospital from now for quality clinical services such as urology, cardiology, neurology and gynecology among others at pocket-friendly fees. Farrer Park Hospital is nearby to many private condo projects such as Piermont Grand at Punggol.

Farrer Park Medical Centre and Hospital is found in Farrer Park Station Road, Singapore. The medical centre has international offices in Jarkata, Indonesdia and in Dhaka, Bangladesh. These Piermont Grand locations, Farrer Park Hospital extends a wide range of quality health care services served by high standard ethical and unwavering sense of humanity. The hospital offers uninterrupted care and an array of detailed services in the two international offices mentioned earlier. The services is inclusive of planning of medical appointments, Visa arrangements, cost enquiries, airport transfers and pick-ups, accommodation arrangements, evacuation and repatriation and advisory services.

Farrer Park Hospital provides a wide range of outpatient and inpatient consultation clinical services to anyone who needs them. Some examples of the continuous medical services inclusive of medical oncology, anesthesiology, general surgery, hand surgery, cancer screening, gynecology, and treatment, urology, and endocrinology among others. Visit Farrer Park for a designated specialized cancer and care screening. Nowadays, cancer is one of the most deadliest conditions under the sun. Many people bury their friends, children, close family memebers, relatives, annually because of cancer. At Farrer Park Hospital, patients are able to get cancer treatment and screening at friendly fees. There are other specialty services offered by Farrer Park Hospital include vascular surgery, psychiatry, colorectal surgery, cardiology ophthalmology and radiation oncology among many others. Certainly, a day visit to the Farrer Park Hospital can assure access to better health facilities and services.

Additionally, the hospital has ambulance services, nursing programs, CME programs and financial counseling. Therefore, with all these services and facilities , Farrer Park Hospital gives assurance on the best healthcare services at affordable charges to allow every access to all medical services.

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